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One Nine Design is home to New Zealand’s house doctor and talented designer, Nadia Sakey. Her pragmatic approach to interior design is underpinned with strategic efficiencies that ensure each unique statement delivers a return on investment and a timeless appeal.

“Design is forever evolving but great design is truly timeless and the secret is not just skin deep - it's in the very foundation to the smallest of details,” explains Nadia. 


Nadia initially studied full-time for six years at one of the UK's finest design academies, achieving a first-class honours degree in Surface Pattern, majoring in Interior Design.


Nadia went on to achieve postgraduate diplomas in interior design and decorative techniques, house doctoring and property restoration. Her aim was to develop comprehensive knowledge and skill so she not only improved property but also, ultimately, the lives that dwell within.


Extensive experience gained in strategic marketing and talent management within the corporate world, in addition to property development, has given her a unique blend of skills. These skills, when fused with the feng shui principles and design disciplines, create a highly effective ‘house doctor’.

Nadia is a professional member of  the Designers Institute of New Zealand (DINZ), National Kitchen and Bathroom Association (NKBA) and HOUZZ New Zealand.

"Next to your health, your property is your biggest asset. So it stands to reason that investing in your home from bones to beauty is a necessity not a luxury" - Nadia

What is a house doctor?

About - What is a HD?

A “house doctor” is  a degree qualified  individual, usually  from a strategic  design  or  real  estate/property  background. House  doctor’s  have  a  certain  blend  of  skill,  diplomacy  and  knowledge  from  both  western  and eastern principles that will  significantly  improve and transform a  home  into a profitable  and  pleasing  asset. 

'House doctoring' is  the  science  behind  good property  presentation,  functionality  and  style. The end result  adds  value  to  your most valuable assets—your health and your home.

House Doctor Services

There   is   little  point  in  spending   money  on  a magnificent  interior  design  statement  when  the  underlying  issues  are  not 
addressed. As  a  qualified  house  doctor  I  assess  and address the cause of your frustrations and not the symptoms.


Often issues with your  property’s  health,  flow  and  energy  can  impact  on your  own  health  and energy levels and influence the perception of visitors and buyers. Whether you are planning to invest in a renovation or choosing to move on, getting the right advice before you start can help you achieve maximum return on investment. Consulting services include: 

  • Pre-Sale
  • Pre-Renovation
  • New Home Improvements
  • Feng Shui
  • Interior Design and Property Presentation
  • Space Planning
  • Future Proofing / Universal Design

As  a  qualified  interior  designer  and  practising  house  doctor,  working  with  me  not  only guarantees you a stunning visual result but also a home that functions with ease, enhancing your  lifestyle  now  and  in  years  to  come.  


My  straightforward,  down-to-earth  approach  is collaborative  and  efficient  so  there  are  never  any  surprises!  Whether  you  are  renovating, building  or  trying  to  solve  a  specific  problem  within  your  home,  my  aim  is  to  deliver  you stunning  results  you  will  love – unique  but  cost-effective,  stress-free  and  thoroughly enjoyable.  

I would love to hear about your project so book a free 20-minute phone, Facetime or Skype consultation today.

Working With Nadia

Listening and respecting a client’s values and artistic preferences is essential to creating a personalised interior design statement that speaks volumes in hushed tones.

Like any project we tackle in life, the best results start with a clear and detailed brief and often my clients cannot lay a finger on the issue or have a clear idea of what they want to achieve. Some of the best projects start out this way.   


It's my job and skill to conduct a thorough examination of your home and how you use it. I work with you to uncover your family’s needs, desires and unique style before detailing a brief that addresses the issues and advises the approach.


Consultations are hugely valuable in their own right and often this is all that is needed to set you back on track. Consultations include and are not limited to:

Pre-Renovation Renovating can be expensive at the best of times and if not carefully planned and executed can become a damaging trap that you may end up paying for years down the track.  Talk to me before you engage an architect and certainly before you start knocking down walls. I will help you plan the efficiencies that guarantee you a better result and save you thousands in costly mistakes! 

New Build Building a new home can be an exhausting long process and the most important step of this process is getting your plans right at the start. If you are not in the industry, it is easy to be wowed by stunning architectural designs that often miss simple practicalities.  A well planned home will be one that is functional, efficient and sustainable. It serves your needs now and well into the future, ensuring your investment in the build will give you a good return. Consult with me at the planning stages and you can have your cake and eat it! 

New Home Admittedly it takes time to settle into a new home. It rarely feels like your space, ill-fitting furniture inherited from your old home can throw the balance and new builds lack often lack character.  A comfortable home is well balanced, flows well and has a level of depth that is a true reflection of your individual personality. I deliver concepts my clients love, each one unique but always cost-effective, stress-free and thoroughly enjoyable. 


Pre-Sale Not to be confused with home-staging, which is often an expensive but effective strategy in the right circumstance, a pre-sale consult will address the underlying issues that may prevent a quick and profitable sale.  I empower you with the knowledge and tools to address the details that can literally add hundreds onto your bottom line, maximising your return on investment. 

Change Sometimes a change really is as good as a holiday, perhaps even much better! You may have been unknowingly feeling ill-at-ease at home – the one place that should really be your haven. I will work with you to transform your home into a stunning statement and a place you can find contentment at the end of a busy day. 

“A comfortable home is well balanced, flows beautifully and has a level of depth that is a true reflection of your personality. I deliver concepts my clients love – unique but cost-effective, stress-free and enjoyable.” 

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